Going out of town?

Need a bunny day care?

How about grooming?

Bunny Bonding?

Located in the Pasadena, CA area

Experienced in Basic Care, Medical Care, Bonding, Grooming & Massage

We LOVE Bunnies!


Located in the San Gabriel Valley, Comfy Bunny B&B is ready to care for your bunny in a comfortable, happy indoor setting.  We are experienced in all aspets of rabbit care and have a special place in our hearts for your elderly, disabled, and Special Needs babies. We also welcome Guinea Pigs, Rats, and other small mammals.


  • Climate-controlled accommodations
  • Fresh hays, OxBow pellets & daily salads; meals adapted to your bunny’s needs
  • Massage, Grooming & Physical Therapy available
  • Special needs accommodations available: medications, physical therapy, syringe feeding, etc.


Cat Logsdon has run Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue since 1993. She started Comfy Bunny B&B in 2005, but had to take a hiatus for her ailing mum. There is nothing that makes her happier than a contented, happy, loved–ADOPTED–bunnies. Cat has a very particular love for disabled, elderly, and special needs bunnies, and has several at her own howm, including Rufus P. Poofington, who is paralyzed and loves to zoom around on his very own bunny cart. Free time involves making jewelry, writing songs with Kevin, her partner in bunny-care and rescue – as well as other nefarious deeds – and going for rides on her bright red Ninja, called Firefly.

Is Your Bunny Single?

If so, he or she is probably lonely. Liek humans, bunnies are happier when they are bonded to at least one of their own kind. Comfy Bunny partners with Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue and offers bunny dating and bunny bonding – we can teach you how to bond OR we can do it for you. We have MANY bunnies to choose from, all wonderful and adorable and in need of forever homes.

Got Bunnies?

Then you need fresh hays, goodies & toes from Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue.  Take a look at our online store, tell us your order, and you can pick up goods from us at drop-off or pick-up! Zooh Corner products also sold at local shops and vets, ask us where!